Network Neuroscience Satellite 2024: Call for contributions

We are excited to invite your participation in Network Neuroscience 2024. Submit your talk or poster by March 22nd 11:59pm AOE.
Currently in its 10th year, Network Neuroscience is a satellite affiliated with the NetSci conference. Themes in the Network Neuroscience remit include but are not limited to: (i) Interactome networks; (ii) Transcriptional and gene regulation networks; (iii) Structural brain networks (imaging); (iv) Functional brain networks (imaging); (v) Brain networks – theory, modeling and analysis; (vi) Signal processing and information flow; (vii) Circuit dynamics; (viii) Brain-behavior interactions; (ix) Systems neuroscience; (x) Brain-body network science; (xi) Classical and deep learning for brain networks. All themes apply to any species. Check our website for updates to the schedule, we will be announcing speakers shortly. We look forward to seeing you in Québec City!

Network Neuroscience 2024:

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